Wooden Blinds

Wooden Blinds

For ages man has been fascinated with wood. His early houses were made of woods and even today even though the high progress he has achieved wood attracts him. The elegance and firmness of wood can not be competed with by any material when it comes to blinds. For those who like peaceful and quiet surroundings it is the best addition to a room.



  • Wooden blinds are made with wood as the core panel material. Obviously it is polished and evenly shaped to make a uniform set of panels thus expanding the scope for its beauty a thousand times.
  • In a typical wooden blind we bring style and novelty. Our wooden blinds are made from the highest quality wood which shows firm solid and cool expression.
  • It keeps the room cool and quiet and brings out the feel of oneness with nature. It helps you portray an air of comfort and silence through them. Our wooden blinds are furnished to perfection.
  • With perfectly similar panels and no scope for rough edges our panels are of the top quality.
  • The functioning is made such to bear the weight of wood against the other light and flexible materials and the blind as a whole is a symbol of excellence.
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