Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are the blinds which open and close in a vertical manner and have its flaps running horizontally. This design is exactly contradictory to its counter part the Vertical blinds.




  • The blinds suit areas which are spacious and wide. Use of these makes sure your space looks wider than usual delivering grandness. The venetian blinds have multiple levers like vertical blinds thus letting you adjust the angle of the flaps to control light and air.
  • These blinds open by getting pulled up and there are settings to keep it hanging mid air allowing you to control the height up to which it should open. These features make it very flexible and easy to operate.
  • Blinds can be picked in various colours, materials and designs. Our blinds are highly durable and portray quality and firmness. We have multiple coloured designs available and all our blinds are customizable to suit your needs.
  • We have blinds for every size and shape ranging from small side kitchen windows to blinds to fit the length of vast halls.
  • Our blinds are made from highly durable material which is light and easy to use yet firm and durable.

Thinking of giving your families a luxurious stay in your brand new home? This is the ideal time to pick out your selection of Venetian blinds right from choosing the colors to the designs, we offer to you free measurements. Once our experts have visited your home, you’ll receive your purchase right away!

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