Velux Blinds

Velux Blinds

Velux blinds are the new revolution in the field of the industry. They offer complete window coverage as they stretch out from the top to bottom covering it and offering complete blackout during the day time if need be.



  • These blind bring the ultimate commodity and comfort. They grant complete privacy as they are translucent to the tone of opaque or completely opaque.
  • These are usually used as black outs during day time when one intends to sleep and are mostly remote operated or operated manually using adjusting rods.
  • These are sleek compact and of various colours allowing simplicity and elegance one of a kind. Our Velux blinds are unique and customized for each customer with utmost care.
  • There is a possibility of adding unique designs, various colours to enhance the mood of the room as per needs and have the option of remote operation or manual operation.
  • Our Velux blinds are truly unique and the typical Velux blinds are double coated with an aluminium layer on the out side reflecting the excess heat away and a thin layer of cloth inside which during winters retains warmth.
  • The Velux blinds can be controlled by a remote or rod as mostly they are used for windows on the roof or high up.

Different and unique from the rest, order your set of Velux blinds this instant to obtain quotations that will suit your style. There is certainly nothing better than redesigning your home with fabulous fabrics!

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